Adjustable set point temp controller

Would anyone have a link to a project with code for my project.

I have an OLED display and a 100K thermistor that I'm using to measure water temp. From that I would like to be able to use push buttons to change the temperature set point that a relay be switched.

I have the 100K thermistor configured and displaying temp on an LCD and switching at 49 deg C as I have written this to my code.

I'd like to have the actual temp displayed on my OLED and also the set temp that I can adjust.

I'm sure it's been done before though I cannot find a great deal on it.

Any help would be great.


You searched the web and couldn't find any examples for using an OLED or for making a thermostat? I find that really really hard to believe. I've seen a ton of thermostats done on this site and I know there's a ton of example code for the OLED. Maybe there's not one exactly like you want, but there are certainly examples you can learn the pieces from.

If you want someone to just give you the code, head over to the Gigs and Collaborations section and get your wallet out and get ready to pay someone. If you want help with your project, then get started and when you run into a problem come back here and post the details of the problem and the code that caused it and someone here can help.

I'm not gong to hunt one down for you right now. You can use the search function just like I can. But I know we've helped people here with lots of thermostats.

You'll find that the amount of help you get on this site tends to be directly proportional to the amount of effort it looks like you've already put in.

If you just want a ready made temperature controller with display, and don’t want to learn how to do it yourself, PID modules like these work very well and the price can hardly be beat.

Point taken. And yes I've seen a few examples but all have different areas that I'd like to draw from.

I've learnt a lot from here otherwise I couldn't have configured a 100K thermistor and use the Steinhart equation and output the temp to an LCD.

OK so temp input I have, write to LCD I have but I'll need to learn to write to OLED.

Adjusting a set point I'll need to learn also.

Let's see how I go and I'll come back when I hit a stumbling block.