Adjusting hummidity and temperatuer base on day of the month


I'm planning to do a kind of automated green room. now what I need is adjusting the temperature and humidity using two fan (1 x heating fan for adjusting humidity and 1 x exhaust fan for adjusting humidity). I'm well aware about the sources, samples and controller. being honest can get a controller from china that adjust temperature and humidity for $10 to $30 depends on the models, features etc.

Now any where that I could find a development to do programming in order to set the temp and humidity for each day in month? I mean a paid up service but not expensive and affordable.


Can you do some programming yourself ?

A DS1307 module keeps the time. A DHT11 or DHT22 is a cheap sensor for humidity and temperature. A few relays, and a few valves. And the Arduino itself.

Writing the code is finding good code for the DS1307 and DHT11/DHT22. Putting it together is not that hard.

If you are only looking for someone to make this, scroll down in the main forum for the "Gigs and Collaborations".

This is a project that you could do yourself because all the parts of it can be found in examples, and there a lots of people here that can/will help you.