Adjusting motor speed using a C++ program


We're trying to interface a C++ program with our Arduino and need some help establishing a connection to the Arduino.

We want to be able to send output signals (preferably a number like 40) to the Arduino, and upon receiving this number, the Arduino updates the PWM signals to adjust the speed of a motor its running.

Any help with this problem would be much much appreciated!


On what operating system? If you're on Windoze, and using Visual Studio, the CSerial class lets you talk to the serial port. The Arduino makes a fine listener.

There have been a couple of threads lately on this forum about using C++ to talk to an Arduino. A search should turn up more info.

hey, ya we're on windows cserial eh? sure, i'll look into that as well as search the forums a bit

thx for the help!

boost::asio::serial_port works well not only on Windows.

great, thx man!