ADK and USB Host, libraries, using a PS3 remote: Where and how?

I have an Arduino ADK R3 and I'l like to plug in a Sony DualShock 3controller to it. I'm not opposed to using Bluetooth, but this is just a test, so tracking down the right Bluetooth module and waiting on it to ship here is longer than I'd like to spend time-wise.

I'm not clear if I am supposed to use the Circuits@Home 2.0 library or what to get this going. The articles over there seem to say yes

but I found a thread post (of course I can't find it again to reference now though) that said that library was not compatible with the ADK.

The ADK lab just mentions that the libraries exist, not where they are or anything. I checked my 1.0.2 default libraries folder and didn't see them.

Where and what libraries can I use or do I need to get USB host working and use a PS3 controller?

On a related note, anyone know how much the controller draws? I'm concerned about it overtaxing the ADK board.

I was having a hard time finding info about the MEGA ADK board and how or if this library would work as all my googling and net surfing led me back to this site and project.

Yes this library (USB_Host_Shield_2.0) will work with the Arduino MEGA ADk. You have to uncomment one line of code and that's it:


which can be found in avrpins.h

If you try it without the modification, you'll get an error "OSC did not start".

I didn't come up with this idea, Lauszus mentioned at the URL below. My intent in regurgitating it is to answer the question for the next googler so they don't spend 8 hours searching for this tidbit of info like I did.

I have checked my avrpins.h file and the line is not commented out. I am still getting the "OSC did not start" with the mega. Any ideas? Thank you. Cory