Adobe Premiere like UI for CNC-based Motion-Control Camera & Miniature Rig


I have a project where I am creating a motion-control camera & miniature rig to recreate spaceship shots from the original star wars movies and the Mandalorian. I've already chosen an esp-32/GRBL controller that allows 6-axis for stepper motors. Unlike a typical CNC-software like UGS, the software I need is based around keyframes to create scenes.

I've already contacted Dragonframe and they said their software is not made for Gcode, but instead arduino. As such, I can't really use Dragonframe.

The next software I can use is UGS. This is most ideal because I can create my own custom cnc-pendant that can emulate a keyboard and just revise the keybindings to use it. However, programming keyframes purely through code doesn't seem ideal.

This is where the title of this post comes into play. I'd love to take the functionality of Dragonframe/Adobe Premiere or other editing softwares like Danvinci to act as the refining software for creating keyframed scenes.

Is there a way to create a piece of software that's either through arduino or can interface with arduino, take custom keybindings, interpret them on a timeline per axis and edit them for scenes? It would ideally output gcode and be imported into UGS or something to then go to my CNC controller.

Thanks for your time!

Definitely can be done…
About 10 years ago, I wrote some code for a friend to drive four large steppers with ramping and three servos (and more) in a key frame motion control rig.
(the base code for that project was posted here for another thread about 4 years ago)

I’m not sure if there’s any commercial freeware, but if you know what you’re doing it’s quite a lot of fun to develop.

CRITICAL: Standard libraries are often using ‘blocking’ code’ which will thwart your best intentions.

It’s the perfect project to hone your skills - in design, planning, coding and documentation.

Remember you’ll need a user interface and possibly an API for other software to talk to your machine.

I appreciate the advice. Would you be able to send me the repo to your code? Perhaps it will help give me an idea of what to expect.


I’ll have to dig around… it was years ago… for a friend.
You may have faster results looking around the forum under my list of posts…

It would have been 3 years or so ago.

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