Adobe SDK/API with arduino? With Photoshop or Premiere Pro

Hello arduino dudes and dudettes :slight_smile:

I'm working on a physical interface for the software premiere pro, and i would like to visualize some data from premiere pro physically through the arduino. Hook it up with analog meters and so on
So I want to extract data from premiere and send it over serial

Has anyone done anything similar? Where do I start?

Sorry, but it is totally unclear what you want to do. If you are asking Can I run the Adobe SDK on Arduino, the answer is no. If you are asking about hooking some sort of video display to the arduino, the answer is maybe - but don't expect much resolution.

If you are creating some sort of tablet with displays derived from a currently running version of photoshop, that might be possible depending on how the SDK works. You could write a plugin that does calculations on the current image and sends data via serial to the arduino for display.

I'm not looking for video data

I'd like to map the timeline to a softpot poteniometer (spectra symbol), so it works like a physical positioning tool.

And use LEDs/analog meters/other analog output to show digital values inside premiere.
For instance having a physical analog meter that shows the audio level
Having a LED that indicates that the video export is complete

and so on :slight_smile:

I have not worked with software SDK/API before, so I'd really appreciate if someone could give me a hint where to start. I've done some basic python programming, and built a few interactive arduino installations in school.

THis is possible, but the SDK is a nasty cobbled together piece of work - or it was when I used it a while back. I only used the photoshop SDK. YMMV.

Unless it is a coincidence, no one here is likely to know anything about it.

I don't even know what language they are using now, but you will probably need to learn C or C++.

What you want seems doable though.