Adruino-based project

I'm a final year student of engineering and i'm interested in an Adruino based project, however, this is something new to me because my major is not in computers.

Objectives of this project are:

1] to analyze,

2] investigate,

3] interface,

4] codify and

5] verify Arduino as a 'local' sensing and control platform with suitable back-end processing with apporpriate communication between the local (on-site) Arduino and backend computer

6] Investigate if WiFi can be used efficiently as a communication media between Arduino and back-end computer.

Can you point me to some useful resources or give me some guidelines to follow in order to start developing the project?

You first - what are you collecting data from that will be analyzed?

whooops.. I see Crossroads alreayd posted.. :slight_smile:

but I was going to say same..

more details please..

1.) analyze what? use the Arduino to analyze?

2.) Investigate what? whats the different between investigate and analyze in this project?... to you?

3.) interface with what? the Arduino and PC? Arduino and sensors? PC and sensors?.. or do you mean more of a GUI type 'interface'?

The attached pictures are the entire description of the project. I am trying to understand what exactly it is asking for and how to go about my research.


So you've got to come with some kind of project idea to start.
What kinds of things are you interested in?
What is your field of study, and how could automated data collection and/or control be applied there?

Reminds me of a test I read about...

Question 2: Analyze in detail. Be objective and specific.

6] Investigate if WiFi can be used efficiently as a communication media between Arduino and back-end computer.

Define 'efficiently'. For example by defining what you were measuring the efficiency of, how you would determine/measure the efficiency of that thing, and what criteria were used to differentiate between a solution which was sufficiently efficient and one that wasn't.

Why is embedded Linux mentioned at all? The rest of the specification has no bearing on it so either the rest of the specification is missing some important information, or Linux is irrelevant. I would think it's important to discover which it is. Also introduce the author to a spiel chocker.

There are lots and lots of Arduino project sources. Just do a search and many books and sites will be found. Try "The Arduino Cookbook" or "Arduino in Action" for starters.

If you're in Mechanical, you might create a WiFi connected robot controlled by a PC.

Just some thoughts.

Good luck.