Adruino connect water pump for Automated Plant Watering System

I am new to Arduino. I bought and assembled Adruino Uno with Soil Sensor and with an LED. My code is very simple. When the soil is wet LED is OFF and when the soil is dry, LED is ON. Also after every 10 minutes, Soil Sensor feeds data to my laptop in Adruino IDE.

No, I want to replace LED with a water pump. Now practically I am confused with Relay, Motor, and Diode. Practically can anyone help me to assemble few parts so that water pump can be assembled? Also components required with ratings.

You cannot power the pump directly from the Arduino.
You need to post details of the pump you have chosen. The pump used is going to depend on several factors e.g. does the pump have to raise the water (and if so by what height), the flowrate that needs to be achieved and the pipe diameter and length.

You will have to start by selecting a water pump. Preferably a DC pump, 5V or 12V, those are the easiest and safest to work with. If you need more pumping, then maybe a 240V AC one.

Based on the power rating of that pump you can design the rest of the circuit. Most DC pumps can be switched easily with a MOSFET. You may need a flyback diode and possibly also a filter capacitor in that case, depending on the pump. High voltage pumps need a relay.

I had done the project up to lighting on/off by LED depending on soil sensor value. But for pumping water I need help.

  1. Tell me about pump rating. I do not want to use AC at this moment.
  2. Suggest me a water pump from
  3. Based upon product , help me with other components required.
  4. Circuit diagram ( if possible).

Please reply fast I need to make it LIVE within 2-3 days.



  1. Tell me about pump rating. I do not want to use AC at this moment.

Start by reading #1 and fill in the details. Use that to select your pump. You know the numbers (it's your project); so do your homework and do your shopping.