ADS 1115 and TFT ili9225 conflicts

Hi everyone,

I am new to Arduino and looking for help.

I am working on a project to display sensor data onto a TFT screen ( 2 inch ili9225 SPI); The sensor has a low voltage signal so I am an ADS ADS1115 -I2C.

i have no problem in running two sketches:

  1. i can read the sensor (connected to the ADC) through the serial monitor without the screen activated
  2. I can manage the display when the ADC is not activated

but when merging the two, the display is not working.

i suspect a conflict between SPI and I2C communication , but i don't know how to work the issue. I am using standard libraries and a UNO R3.

Thanks for your inputs


Can you post a wiring diagram and code?
Which sensor are you using?

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