ADS1232 data converting

I’m ultimately trying to read the ADS1232 with the Arduino mega2560 for a voltage measurement project (0 to 3.3 volt). The ADS1232 is a great chip to use for this application as it is basically designed for scales and other sensitive bridge applications that require a lot of increments for a good resolution in output.

this is my code:

#include <ADS1231.h>
 ADS1231 myDMS;
void setup() {
  myDMS.attach( 6 , 5 , 11 );//6_SCLK 5_DOUT 11_PDWN
   pinMode(3, OUTPUT);
void loop() { 
      digitalWrite(3, HIGH);
  if( myDMS.check() ) {
    long sensorValue = myDMS.readData();
    delay (100);    

analog input is 3.3 V and output is:


What does this number mean and how should I convert it to voltage?

It should be noted that:
v ref =3.3 v

:slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

when i connect Analog Input positive to the earth, output is:

298368 302208 329344 302464 318592 302464 306816 299648 291456 307328 304512 294528 319616 313984 300160 341120 310912 354688 305536 304768 312960 307584 305024 312960 306560 291712 308608 312960 306048 307840 317824 306560 314496 324992 300160 321664 306304 291200 279936 317824 307584 297856 . . ... Why?! is this noise?

I've always used MCP3426 and MCP3424 (16bit) ADC and had some noise issues, it's down to PCB layout and input filtering. Have you got input filters try and avoid bread boards these induce a lot of noise, how have you got it set up and how long are the input wires and stuff like that I have recently ordered one of these and it's sat on my workbench waiting for me to have a mess around with. Not much help though but again not knowing your setup

If your Vref is 3.3V that number represents 3.2999998033V, can you post a wiring diagram?

my board and chip in attached file

hi , i am using the ads1231 24 bit ic for the weight measurement i want get the values in the gram how to get that one and one more thing is when the weight is present on the load cell when is power off after thant when power is ON it give wegiht not the zero how to achevie this. for are the requied like libaries ,eeprom please give the good information about this