ADS1246 interfacing

I've decided to upgrade a pressure sensor I have to 24bit ADC resolution. I chose the ADS1246 purchased it and made a fatal design flaw. I speced the system to use +_2.5V when the reality is that the sensor outputs 5 volts.

  1. Can I directly interface the ADC to the 0-5v input in any way?
  2. Should I use a levelshifting method to bring the 0-5v to +-2.5V if so can you suggest a tutorial for this setup?
  3. Would simply choosing another component more suited for this purpose be the best solution?

Thank You,


Last time I looked at a pressure sensor datasheet I saw accuracies of 1-5%.
Arduino's 10-bit A/D is more than enough for this.

The pressure sensor could have a ratiometric output.
That means that pressure sensor supply needs a link with Aref of the A/D.

It's true that only very expensive pressure sensors need more than 10 bit ADC, but if you want to use the ADS1246, just connect the REFN to the sensor ground and REFP to the 5V sensor supply. Level shifting the signal will probably introduce more error and noise than using the Arduino 10 bit ADC.

Thank You, this practical approach is exactly what I needed.