ads1256 no xtal clk


i have interfaced ADS1256 waveshare board with Arduino Uno. Xtal clk pin on ADS1256 the input of xtal (7.68 MHz) is connected to that. If I check the clk frequency using oscilloscope probe there is no frequency waveform on oscilloscope, Does that mean crystal has gone bad?


Not necessarily as it certainly will not appear as a 7.68 MHz, 3 volt squarewave.

What load capacitor values did you use?

I would like to thank you for your reply.
If I see in board Xtal is connected with 18pf capacitors, And I guess every xtal is connected through same value capacitor.

I couldn't see a sinewave over 4.9 MHz crystal on my ads1232 board as well, when I put an oscilloscope probe on the input. Same time I see a small one , 100-200 mV signal if a probe on the output side. Data sheet for ads123x family adc tells that oscillator circuitry is very low power, though I 'd think that probe introduces a small capacitance, 20-30 pF, and it's enough to freeze an oscillator. Could be same things for ads1256