Ads1262 Analog sensor help

Hello I am Ronak Gupta from India and very New to SPI communication and sensors.

I wanted to connect the arduino to Texas Instruments Ads1262 chip for getting temperature readings from 2 wire RTD I want very high sampling rate of 38400 samples per second with very high ccuracy(32 bit- Effective resolution of 18 bits ) which the chip is capable of.

Product page : Datasheet :

Please help with arduino code and connections to arduino and sensor I have arduino due r3

Thanking you

auch... I can find only PC-software for the board (chip).

Its a study to configure the chip.

Sir I am using the chip directly Not the evm module The chip has spi communication with Cs , Dout/drdy , sclk , din pins which I think is the ones used in spi communication.

Please help

Try under "Gigs and Collaborations"...

Someone pls help with solution

What do you want to do with those samples?

At that speed the Arduino has only a few clock cycles to process the data.

38400 samples / sec * 4 bytes / sample => ~150.000 bytes coming in per second.

As the Arduino has 16.000.000n clock cycles / second => max average 100 clocks 100 clocks = ~6 usec to process the data

Dear sir 1st I'm using atduino due which is 84 mhz and 32 bit So pls check ur calculation Also pls help in code Thank u

take a look.. similar chip?: forum post

VenkateshBhat at GitHub have made a library for this chip. Thanks!!

He uses a breakoutboard from Proto Central.

I coppyed the cirquit from the source to a SSOP-to-DIL breakout board. Its sitting on my desk taking data. I have tested it with an UNO and with a NANO

As for the measurement problem, I have never seen af RTD device that can change its temparature so fast that 38ksps should be necessary.