ADSL Cable for 5v sensors?

Hello folks,

I'm monitoring irrigation equipment with 5v sensors - pressure, flow meter, halls effect sensor to measure rpm on pelton wheels and also 5v temp sensors. I'm having to make a few of these, and the way I have been running the cables directly into the project boxes through a cable gland is becoming a hassle, especially if you need to remove the sensor for whatever reason.

My sensors are not far from the Arduino - avg. 1/2m and 1m at the most. Would it be feasible to use ASDL cable with RJ11 plugs and jacks over this distance? Or would this guage cause a voltage drop big enough to affect the readings?

Keep the connectors perfectly dry and they’ll be fine. Wind blown rain and early morning condensation are double trouble.

I have been down the same path, and after many hours of research I have concluded that good quality cheap waterproof connectors don’t exist. For some reason manufacturers charge 10-20x the price for simply adding a plastic shell with an O ring.

The only inexpensive connectors that I would consider barely acceptable are the 5 pin inline plug/socket combinations sold for use with LED garden lights.

You're referring to these?

Looks like a good option, thanks. Just wish I could find them at a better price.

You're referring to these?

SP13 & SP17 Std Panel Mount IP68 Waterproof Multipole Plug & Socket Connectors | eBay

Looks like a good option, thanks. Just wish I could find them at a better price.

These were the kind I found.

They aren't precision built so expect to wrestle with the pin alignment.

Just found these:

GBP 2.42, looks like ok quality and a bit quicker delivery than all the way from China by snailmail