Aduino Ethernet with POE module getting hot


I have an Arduino ethernet with POE module. When i provide 12V to the external power input then the POE module is getting hot. Is this normal?

I'm using ethernet shield without POE and it also gets pretty hot, so I guess it is normal. Your shield allow maximum 12 Watts of power usage, so when you use 12V max is exactly 1A Check if you are not going higher than that, if not - everything is ok

I checked the schematics of the Arduino and the jack barrel is directly tied to the Vin and also the V out of the POE module.

I'm seeing a different heat issue with the PoE board.

If I run the arduino over PoE - then the three legged chip next to the DC power in port gets hot - on the uno itself - not the PoE board. And I mean almost burnt my fingers hot.

If I run the board using a non PoE port on my switch and use USB power then it does not get hot.

The sketch (temperature sensing with 2x DS18B20 sensors) runs just fine in both cases.

I have no idea why using PoE makes the chips on the uno (rev 3) cook.