Aduino IDE 1.8.1 does not start.


I have problem with Arduino IDE 1.8.1 on my laptop with Windows 7. IDE was running with no problems until 2 weeks ago. It doesn't even start now. Arduino_debug.exe fail start too. Sometimes system show that Java platform SE fail but that's it. I tried to reinstall the ide and java but without change. Please help.

You may want to try a re-install.

Also a security sweep of your computer.

Attached some help for the re-install.


That was no use. I tried a similar thing before. :-/

Run arduino_debug from the command line and then post the full output in a reply here using code tags (</> button on the toolbar).

It crash same way as usual. Java platform SE stop working.

I am going to refer you to a specific set of instructions HERE

It is quite a bit of work to do but you can report back on each stage please.


Step 1, 2 and 3 go pretty well.
Some problem files has been deleted. I run cleaner and reinstal ide but still nothing.

Some "problem files" deleted and you skip to a re-install of the IDE.

Is that what it said to do ? probably not.
Would you skip having a cast on if your arm was broken and just go back to work ?

Either do the whole thing again all the way through or it is a waste of mine and others time.
Also where are the each stage reports ?
Would have been great to know what those "problem files" were ?

Step 1. No threats found.

Last time you did it were the problem issues found in stage 1 ?
Chances are you fixed those last time if they were, but please stay with the program.

8 of 9 problems were on my data disk with some old files to school. One problem was in system disk, but i don't remember where. :-/ I think that file has no connection with arduino.

Nefarious or mis-managed file systems files don't need to be associated with Arduino software to cause issues with other software.

Just trying to give you a clean bill of health from which to start with.

Step 2. One detected file.

Step 3. 70 threats all of them from Wise Registry Cleaner from step 7. :slight_smile:

There are some FP's (false positives) with wise and I am aware of those. but 70 seems like an awful lot.

There are gone now. I continue with step 6.

Nothing. Still the same result.

Can you use an UNZIPPED version of the IDE in stand alone mode ?
BTW is that a ham call sign for your handle ?

Also please include details of what security you are running ?
And I do mean a proper list !

Unlike my prev request for information at each stage that you just flipped through these details could help.