Aduino Uno Stopped Working

Hey guys, I'm looking to try and work out what's gone wrong. I've been using an Arduino Uno R3 to run some scripts on my Nintendo Switch for the last two and a half months. Had no issues with the board up until now.

When I plug it into my PC it doesn't recognize it at all and won't reset when I bridge the 2 pins. I haven't been using the Arduino IDE software, have been using Amtel Flip to flash it.

When I plug it in the green LED lights up and the orange one blinks every few seconds.

I have tried to reinstalled software and restarted, etc but Device Manager won't even bring it up as an unknown device anymore so can't try install the drivers again through that. I've downloaded the IDE software to see if that does anything and that won't pick it up. Have tried installing boards through the board manager as well.

Any ideas as to what's going on?

Note: As the Switch only has one usb port when in handheld mode I can normally only have the arduino hooked up or have it on charge which is posing a bit of an issue. I decided to try a usb double adapter so I could plug both in so I'm wondering if that's what's caused the issue and if there's a way to fix it or if it's somehow fried the board? If this has caused the issue is there a safe way I could do it?