Advanced Ardruino Board?

I am working on a project that I am not sure which board to go with. I know for sure I need something with WI-FI and NFC capability plus a micro usb slot and can support a screen. I do not know if ardruino boards can be powered through solar power rather than an A/C adapter or at least and efficient super-capacitor or maybe they already have boards that are powered by a super-capacitor?? I am not sure but can someone help me?


Well sort of a broad question but I do have some feedback. Picking the board depends highly on your project. The features you mention typically (from what I understand) are not baked into the boards; they are added to it through use of shields. A shield is essentially another piece that connects to the Arduino, extending its features. I like the Mega 2560 board because it has a lot of digital pins. The Uno is a very popular board, too. Both will receive the shields below.

Here is an example of an RFID/NFC shield: Here is an example of a Wi-Fi shield:

And a quick search with Google pulls this up for solar panel powering (yes, it can be done):,7800.0.html

I hope this helps you in the right direction!

A super cap would never work for an arduino, not for any feasible amount of time anyways. Solar would work if it charged a battery.

Personally I think shields are overpriced, if I needed wifi/nfc and a screed I'd grab some ebay modules, they usually work just as well and are cheaper. I do have an actual arduino mega, and it does have a massive amount of pins, I've barely ever used a fraction of them but I guess it is handy to have.

Thank you both for your help, I will go with either the Uno or Mega(I will compare specs). Also size of the board matters to me as well I need one that is relatively small like the lillypad one

You might want to look at the DigiX, which is an Arduino Due clone (mostly) that has wifi, micro-SD, Audio, EEPROM and 99 pins built-in. It has a slot for nRF2401+ wireless cards. They are just exiting the kickstarter phase, and I don't know when they will open up normal retail sales, but you might ask:

However, given your requirements, perhaps a Rasberry Pi or Beagle Bone Black would be better, with perhaps an Arduino add-on to take care of real time control. The Linux stacks would be better able to handle wifi type networking than Arduino does, since you have more memory, faster processor, and support for multiple threads.

great thank you so much

One other question, do any of the arduino boards have batteries already and with the DC inputs can the boards be charged?

On the Arduinos that take the standard Uno shield, you can use the LiPower shield from Sparkfun to add a lipo battery:

I tend to like using USB battery chargers, and connecting that to my microprocessors via USB.

Okay thank you once again you are very helpful