Advanced(?) Arduino audio playback

Hello folks.

I searched and read for almost half an hour, but I didn’t quite find an answer to my question…

I’m looking for an easy way to playback one(!) audio file. It has <400kb.

The file has the format .aif, but I’m sure I could convert it to almost anything else.

It is about 2 seconds long and I think has 16 bits per sample and a sample rate of 44.100 (Hz? kHz?).

A voice saying a few words was recorded to this file…

I would love to play that file in one of my Arduino projects (triggered by PING))) ultrasonic distance sensor).

So, I would need some speaker and a way to play that file. The volume should be loud enough to be heard in a 20–30m^2 room. Like if a real person would say something. Sorry I don’t know how mouch decibel that would be or something like that.

Could anyone please help with that?

Thanks very much!

EDIT: I wanted to use an Arduino Micro for this project. I also own an Arduino Uno. But if I would need a different microcontroller for this, then please tell me. : )

PS: Maybe that would work:

It is possible to have the Arduino play a file from a SD card. One of the libraries is something with TMRpcm. There is probably also a youtube video that demonstrates it. But for a good volume and a nice sound you need a wav shield or mp3 shield. Adafruit has a few of those.

Ok, thanks!

So I’ll order the one I posted above. Hope it will work out. : )

Thank you for this alternative! : )