Advanced DRL driver

Hello everyone!

I’m working on advanced Daytime Running Lights module for my car. As I’m a beginner in electronic I need some help :roll_eyes:
I want to use Arduino Nano, but later I may replace it with ATMega 328 itself. This is not important now.

So, what the module does?

-car battery +10-15V (usually +12.7-13.8V)
-open car impulse
-close car impulse
-5 signals from headlights (signal lights, low beam, high beam, both indicators)
-3 buttons
-signal lights IN (WIRE1,2)

-6 LED lights - 12V 150mA each
-signal lights OUT
-separate +5V for buttons
-external relay

-power on on open car impulse or ignition signal
-keep itself turned on (D0)
-turn off signal lights (D1)
-read 5 headlight and 2 open/close car 12V signals through opto-isolators and shift register
-read 3 buttons through shift register
-control 6 LED lights using PWM through Darlington Array
-control one external relay through Darlington Array (D13)
-user configurable using DIP-switch, potentiometer, button, and build-in led (D13)

I would like ask you to check my schema. I need to valid all resistors, capacitors and diodes.

I’m not sure if input current is properly filtered (L1, D4, D5, C1).
I don’t know if I used proper diodes to protect relays and opto-isolators (D6, D7, D9-15).
I don’t know if my short circuit protection for buttons input is good (D16-18).
I don’t know if I used proper fuses. E.g. 500mA for 450mA assumed current.

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Anyone? To bad schema to help? To complex?

Maybe just any advice if input currency filter is good enough for a car? Maybe I should use my own +5V voltage regulator instead of VIN pin?

What are R1 & R2 for?

wiz: What are R1 & R2 for?

Those are for redirect signal light current (W5W bulbs) to ground without CAN-BUS error. They will be big, with radiators, probably even mounted outside the module.

I would really like to use this lost current as alternate power for my module, but I have no idea how. This is much too complex for me. I should assume used current, calculate missing resistance (to prevent CAN-BUS error) and use some regulated resistor.... OMG - too much for me... 3 weeks ago I didn't know difference between current and voltage ;)

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Hi! Did you finish this project?