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Firstly, thank you for undertaking the task of creating v2.0 from the ground up. I'm sure it's a big task. (I've made a little donation to cheer you along :wink: )

Notepad++ has been my text/code editor of choice for many years. When using the Arduino IDE, I found myself using keyboard shortcuts for functions that don't exist. (yet?!) To keep this post brief, I'll set them out below:

CTRL+D - duplicate selected characters. If no characters are selected, duplicate entire line.

CTRL+SHIFT+up/down - This moves a line (or selection of lines) up or down. SUPER handy.

Notepad++ also hase some other really cool features, like being able to make not only horizontal character selections, but also vertical. The way it's implemented is really smooth and intuitive, and makes certain edits extremely fast.


It would be great if these features could be implemented in the v2.0 release.

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You can do all that in Arduino IDE 2.x. The default keyboard shortcuts might be different from Notepad++, but you can adjust them to your preferences via File > Advanced > Keyboard Shortcuts

Wonderful. Thank you so much @pert.
Could you tell me the name of the function in my video so I can remap that, too, please?

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Hi, been using the 1.8 version of IDE and was wondering if the keyboard shortcuts exists in the older versions, thank you.

If I understand correctly, the video is demonstrating this function:

If so, it is called "columnSelect".

There is an equivalent for selecting with the mouse which is activated by holding Alt+Shift while doing a click and drag with the mouse.

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