Advantages of Arduino Uno over PIC18F4550

It looks like you did no research before adding your question to this topic.

There are some current Topics on this subject including one in this Microcontrollers section.


I actually tried, but the word “pic” is just too widely used to find anything worthwhile… But I guess from your response this is possible. I’ve never worked with PIC chips, and in fact, only started using / programming Arduino’s about 2 months ago. This is all very new to mew and I thought I’d try out the PIC route as well and was wondering if I could use an Arduino to program a PIC chip

I had assumed you would see this Topic without any searching.

It did take me a while to find the other Topic I had in mind (and I only found it because I had a vague recollection that I had commented on it This one probably has more useful info.

The Arduino search tool is useless. Use Google and confine it to

In short there seem to be plenty of opportunites to use PICs and whether you should or not is more a matter of religion. Personally I don't care, but the Arduino system is easy to use so I don't have any immediate need to try the PIC alternatives.


Well i know which one i'd go with, but the Uno is useful for quick prototyping and has a larger community, I do prefer MPLab overall as it's a one stop IDE covering the whole Microchip range, right now though im playing with rasp pi, GPIO's are limited but when combined with an atmega328 as an i2c slave it works well