Advice and ideals for can sorting project

I have a project in mind. I need to sort, by distributor, cans and bottles. It seems the best way to do this would be by the barcodes on each item.
An over view of the project:
Total count for customer bringing in items
Sort the cans, plastic, and glass
Sort and count each item by distributor
Put in to container correct number of items
Can this be done with an Arduino?
(Of course, anything can be done, but would it be a good choice)
What barcode scanner would be the better choice?
What method of counting?
About a thousand more questions and maybe I’ll figure this out.
Thank you for your advice and ideals

Just hook up a USB scanner to a PC.

Are you intending to compete with recycle centers?


Paul yes I'm thinking about it

Paul yes I'm thinking about it

I really don't think Arduino is appropriate. The table of acceptable and unacceptable bar codes must be huge and will need to be updated daily. You must also reject containers from out of the state your device is located in. Really difficult physically and politically for areas near the border with states with no deposit/refund, but all used common containers.