[Advice] ESP32 + cloud storage + vue.js dashboard

Hello everyone,

I have my own freelance company that makes embedded POCs for small businesses. Usually these are basic IoT devices that gather information from sensors and puts this information on a database.

This is quite easy, gather the information and connect to the database. However I get a lot of requests for cloud storage and webapplications that show the data stored in the cloud.

To learn this, I want to create an fully automatic greenhouse that controls the water, light and CO2 intake.
The data that will be gathered from various sensors (airquality, temprature, soilmoisture) and put into the 'cloud'.
There will be a vue.js application running that gets the data from the cloud and shows it in a dashboard.

Now I've learned the basics of AWS IoT, Google IoT Core and vue.js.

But I get so confused about everything. AWS IoT and IoT Core feel like way to difficult for my usecase and for me it is still not clear how I will get this data to the vue.js dashboard without downloading the whole dataset every minute to update it, which ofcourse will increase the costs.

My questions are:
What is your take on this project, how would you do this (professionally)?

Are there any tutorials/courses available that explain this whole process? (I have not found any).

Is this something that is made to be in the cloud? Or is it just stupid to do this?

I am just missing alot of experience in cloud and frontend building and need to learn more about this.

Thank you!