Advice for a 3.2" or 3.5" TFT TOUCHSCREEN compatible with Mega

Hi all,

I'm looking for a recommandation for 3.2" or 3.5" TFT TOUCHSCREEN compatible with Mega

I've been looking so many on aliexpress but none of display of this size are directly compatible with Mega
(2x17 pins mainly instead of 2x20)

So if by any chance, you are currently using a TFT touch screen working with 5V logic or with builtin convertor for 3.3V logic which is working fine (+ SD card), could you share the link ? :smiley:

Thanks people !

Working in SPI would definetly be a plus since I have many other connections so I need some free pins

Now I'm looking on other website than aliexpress since I found nothing good there :frowning:

What is your opinon on this one ? 3.2"inch TFT LCD Display Module + Touch Panel & SD Card Cage for Arduino | eBay
Does not look SPI compatible
or this one ?

neither compatible but seems nice

Your first link shows a TFT_320_QDT_9341

The second link shows TFT_320_QDT_9341 with Adapter Shield.

You need Display + Adapter.

Yes, it is 16-bit parallel but a Mega has got plenty of pins.


Another SPI-TFT maybe Gameduino3 shield (4.3", 480x272, GPU FT810)

SPI wiring:
51 to 11
50 to 12
52 to 13

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