advice for a big project

Hello Guys,
I am having some issues with choosing a big project that I can make and which include the majority of arduino's technologies .
I already made a 'line follower robot' and a robot that avoid obstacle. So I want an Idea for a global project based arduino which allow me to improve my competences in manipulating Microcontrollers,Displays,Networking, Protocols, and Devices....
Thank you all in advance.

A wireless remote controlled robot with safety sensors to avoid obstacles WITH a camera in front that feeds live video to you as it's moving :slight_smile:

Wifi controlled ws2801s all the way around your house with a touchscreen main controller, satellite in-wall mini controllers that talk back to the main controller and iPhone integration.

Multi zone and dynamic zone control with automatic zone over ride. Also, timers controlled and two days weather.

They say cutting is shipping. Need to learn that concept I suppose

That's what I've been doing the past two years.