Advice for a complete beginner

Hello, so i'm about to start a project where i'll be needing to control alot of servos (nano/micro?) the thing is i'm completely new this, i've go a little experience programing in python but that's is pretty much it.

So i was simply wondering if anyone could give some pointer so i know where to start looking

I would like to get something that i can control about 20 nano or micro servos like these.


i'll start by using far fewer but i don't want to become bottlenecked and having to buy additional things later on.

You probably want to start by looking how you're going to create that many PWM servo outputs. This is one possibility:

Copies of the Adafruit board are available on eBay if money is an issue but understand that you'll likely end up using the Adafruit library for the clone board - so supporting them when you can is always a good idea.

Do you plan some typ of user interface? LCD? Once more details are known, things like board choice, power supplies, etc, get easier to make.

Servos don't need PWM pins.

Servos don’t need PWM pins.

Yeah, but they need pins. :slight_smile:

aarg: Yeah, but they need pins. :)

Not if they're used as less-than-stellar paperweights.

I would like to get something that i can control about 20 nano or micro servos like these.

That’d be 20 pins already, so you’ll have to be looking at a Mega or, if you need more processing power, the Due. Even the 20-pin Leonardo is out, as you wouldn’t be able to connect any sensors or have other I/O available. If space is a constraint, you’ll have to start looking at custom PCBs based on the same microprocessors.

If you need WiFi connectivity (and lots of processing power), the ESP32 is worth looking at.

The Teensy is yet another option. Also comes with a lot of processing power, not sure how they measure up against the ESP32.