Advice for a first project using LED's and sound.

Hi all,

I'm seeking some advice on hardware for a project. This will be my first time using arduino and when I took on the project and accepted the brife I knew I would be using one and I have a keen interest in what can be achieved.

The project involves using a 2m RGB digitaly assignable led strip which will be attached to the edge of a 10cm thick circle donut Perspex sheet, which will be attracted to a Mythophone. The idea is to have a single led illuminate in white and chase around the circle Perspex at the speed of 33rpm like a vinyl record spinning. The Led also need to hear the music coming from the Mythophone and as music hits different frequencies the led changes colour.

It would be great to get some advice on which arduino to purchase and what other bits of hardware I would need. Ideally it would be good to run the power from batteries but also have an option to use mains power. What hardware would I need to pick up audio.

Also I'd like some advice on the programming side of things. Can anyone point me in the right Direction as to what scripts I should be looking at so I can program the arduino.

Many thank in advance.


Search for a chip called MSGEQ7. It can take an audio signal and give you a volume reading in 7 frequency bands. There are shields available with 2 of these chips built-in for stereo. I suspect you just need mono, but you will need a microphone rather than a line input?

A basic Arduino like Uno, Nano3, Pro Micro, Pro Mini etc should be fine for this project. You won't need a Mega or Due.

As for scripts, you will need to write your own, there won't be one out there to do just what you need, as it is an original idea! But you will be able to take parts of scripts and re-use them, with some adaptation.