Advice for a gift

Hi to everyone,
i hope this is the correct section for this question. With some friends we want to buy an arduino card, or a starter kit as a gift to our friend who is just graduated as a mechanical engineer. We are quite ignorant in this field and i'm wondering if any of you can advice us, in what we can buy for him. if it can help anyway, our friend like mechanical interactions, drones and stuff like that.
Thank you in advance for your answers!

There is something called the “Arduino Starter Kit” with the Arduino UNO plus an assortment of devices you can connect to the Arduino and a step-by-step guide.

It costs close to US$100.

There are other, unofficial, starter kits that are less expensive and have a different assortment of parts.

There are a few places that sell Arduino-based robot kits for about US$80. One of these might be more fun than the Starter Kit.

thank you for the quick answer, i think that's the greatest option, seems to be what we're searching for. thank you again!