Advice for a project: controll pumps and lighting in garden

I want to control pumps and lighting in my garden.
The commands will be given at home. About 50m I have a garden shelter. From there is about 30m an other place to control with min. 4 relays.
An other line goes about 30m to a pond where I need min. 5 relays and 3 analog inputs.
What is the best solution for this project?
Thx. Mich.

Take a view here to get some ideas.

Hi Mitch. I guess you plan to install the circuit in your garden and need help troubleshooting the design? That's why you posted your question in the "installation and troubleshooting" section?

Hi Paul,

I am new in the world of Arduino. So I have a pond and some ledspots in the garden who I powered on/of manually. I want to auto-controlled with an electronic circuit, commanded from the house to my garden. I found Arduino and like it to program as a PLC: outputs with relays and measuring temperature analoge input. I have a dream who I want to design it. But what a nead and what is feasible? So I posted this question in this forum. But which forum is better for this item?
Kr. Mich.

I do not know of a better forum than the Arduino forum. But the forum has many sections or categories. I think there are perhaps too many categories and this sometimes confuses beginners like yourself. If you read the sticky posts at the top of the "Installation and Troubleshooting" category, where you posted, you will quickly learn that the type of question you are asking is banned from this forum section. It clearly says that this category is not for problems with your project.

A more appropriate category, if you need guidance with your project, would be the "Project Guidance" category.

If you click the 'flag' icon below your first post, you can request that the forum moderators move it to a more appropriate section.

@mich65 - your thread moved to Project Guidance as it's a better fit.

Do you have power at each of these outstations and require just a signal from the uC..???

What is the loading at each station..??

What are the analog inputs...?

Best draw up a circuit.

  • I have at each point 230Vac power. From the house to the garden shelter there is a VVT 4p and a FTP cable. To the waterpond there are 2 FTP cables. To the back of the garden there is only powercable 230Vac but I can easily place new cables.
  • The analog inputs are: temperature of the water, outside temperature, and temperature in the filterroom.

Kind regards. Mich.

.....And the circuit and control requirement is...?

Technical requirements? No idea about processor, speed, memory and so on.
Cabling requirements. There are cables from the house to the pond and garden. So WIFI is not required but useful. Or other protocols?
I would like to control relays from home for pumps and lighting in pond and monitor temperature in pond. Would also like an extension to the garden to control spots or the like.

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