Advice for audio/visual project

Hi all!
I'm a complete beginner so please bear with me on any errors I may make.

I'm creating a 'mood room' for a university project that, amongst other things, will be taking an audio input and handling data using MAX/MSP to then output commands that will operate infra-red controlled lights (Auraglow) and a motor-powered kaleidoscope.

Arduino was the first idea that came to me when I was thinking about how to do this. Let me show you what I've found so far...

Motor Shield (This indicates a UNO board would work), so...
Arduino UNO
I've also found this Infra-red Shield

Do these seem like they would do what I'm after? Any alternatives?
I'm thinking I may have a problem with the infra-red idea as I need to alter each bulb independently so perhaps I'll need a second or even third Infra-red shield (if I go that far!).

Any and all advice/opinions welcome; thanks for reading.

Hi Chris,

That shield has both IR Transmit and receive. Do you need that?

If you are only transmitting IR all you need per channel is an IR LED and a resistor (probably 150 to 200 ohms). If you need more power, the driver transistor circuit shown in that shields schematic would be OK.

See: These are like 10 cents each.

You may need to put these in small tubes to restrict the transmitted beam to the light you are trying to control..

Let us know how you make out!

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I`d be fascinated to see how you "motor drive" the kaleidoscope.

Ah that's a good point. I was thinking I'd need it to receive IR data so that I can kinda reverse engineer the codes the included remote sends.

The tubes idea is good, thanks. I'll consider that if I do end up using the multiple Auraglow bulbs that I need to isolate.

At the moment the idea is to power the kaleidoscope rotation with a RC car motor connected to a bearing wheel to make the increase/decrease in speed smooth. Still unsure if that will be suitable power/torque-wise or if it will make too much noise. I'm intending it to be at least 12" in diameter so that could be an issue.