Advice for button box/controller and LCD read out

So I'm brand new to Arduino but I've done various small electronics projects. I've just ordered a kit to start working on a project for an autopilot module for use in a flight simulator.

For the most part I understand how to go about constructing the module, but what I can't seem to find an answer on is if I upload a sketch to use the arduino as a button box for windows to recognize, will I still be able to program the 1602 lcd to display the information from the data reference coming from the simulator?

Thanks, Matt


how many buttons and how often will they be scanned?

How much data and how often is the display updated?

I'd say you may get it all in one serial connection, or if there's too much then you may need to split it into two serials.


Are you expecting the Arduino to act like a keyboard to talk to the PC? Not all Arduinos do this.

How does your simulator emit flight data? Those I've looked at seem to use UDP which would mean you would need network connectivity of some sort.

It would be 6 buttons and one rotary encoder. I’ve attached a picture of the unit I’m trying to replicate.

I’m not wanting to set it up as a keyboard. I know there is button box sketch that would essentially make windows recognize it as a button controller, but I don’t know if the functionality that I’m needing would be possible with this method.

I’m not to familiar with button scanning, but I would need the display to update anytime there is a change made. The simulator is X-Plane 11 and it has several options for data output. I don’t want to use UDP, so from what I’ve seen so far that means that it would need to be a serial connection.