Advice for first project : Bluetooth or Zigbee ?


I am interested in a Sparkfun "9-Degree of freedom" board ( I want to connect it wirelessly to a Mac computer.

I don't know what type of transmission to choose. The Zigbee seems more reliable but then I need an additional receiver to be connected at the computer.

What's more reliable ? Do both solutions offer the same transmission rate ?

Or should I go Wifi?

Thank you in advance.

It really depends on the distance. Bluetooth has a much smaller range. Where willl you be using this, and how far away from a computer will it be?

It shouldn't be far from the computer (no more than 5 meters) both in studio and on stage.

As long as it is a class 1 or 2 bluetooth device, that will work fine. Bluetooth - Wikipedia

I would recommend xbee because it can be about the same price and gives you more flexibility with the range should you need it. In my experience, it is also more reliable. Just connect an xbee directly to the 9dof, and an xbee usb board to your computer.

OK ! Thanks bilbo !