Advice for making neat roller blinds

Hi y'all,

I could use some advice with a project i'm trying to accomplish. Over time i have gotten really tired of having to get out of bed to roll my blinds when watching a movie, going to bed or deciding to let the sun in, so i figured i would add a continuous servo and an IR receiver to them, making me able to control my blinds with a TV remote.

I know, it's kind of silly and quite a simple project, but actually it turned out to be a lot of fun, and now i want to extend the application further.

What i want is to add some kind of a stop or a cue on the roller itself, and add a sensor to read whether the roller is up or down, foolproofing my design.

As i see it i have two options:

Ir sensor + aluminium tape One is to get an IR sensor and some aluminium tape, that sends out an infared beam and reads it again. If the sensor detects the tape it takes action. Quite simple, but the only problem is, that i would like my project to work universally, and some blinds are very reflective. Furthermore i could run into problems with the ambient light levels.

Hall effect sensor + magnetic strip The other option is to use some magnetic tape and a hall effect sensor. I like this one, but the only problem is that the motor rolling the blinds are making quite a magnetic field, and i don't know if it makes enough inteference to mess with the sensor, but i don't really like the idea of taking the chance.

What do you guys think? There must be a better way than these two options!

Thank you very much in advance,


Regarding the Hall effect sensor, as long as it is more that a few inches away from the motor, it should be fine. IR sensors are very sensitive to ambient light, so they won't be as reliable. Or you could try this ToF sensor, which is like a mini lidar sensor.