Advice For my university embeddded project radio control dog with animatronics

Sorry about the copy from main section , looked a good idea to post this here too

For my university embeddded project I need to make something electro mechanical and programmed ie pic, electronics and something that does something.

Mine will be a radio or wire control cat or dog that pees and does other things as I have an interest in special effects.

I am clueless about radio control… form what Ive picked up though you need a transmiter, reciever, battery packs and servos… 2.4 systems are better as lock onto one reciever and transmitter. More channels are good.

I have no idea how brands compare or what I should be looking for in a purchase on Ebay

these are some I have been looking at

Also some were described as missing ariel how hard and expensive is it to replace these, what all will I need, can any servo work with any controller, what should I ask sellers, whata a good deal and what should I avoid? etc

As said looking intially at my project but then looking to use this for other effects projects etc. Plus a few pranks

Also what is a good way to merge this with a pic project using a PIC 16F819

Advice please asap as eyeing up various deals on ebay ending soon

You want a 2.4GHz system; anything in the MHz range is antiquated.

If you're just looking for a straight up recommendation I'd point to the Turnigy 9x. You can find lots of reviews on this with a little searching; it's quite popular.

Once you have a tx/rx you can start here -

Duane B