Advice for those willing to build their own FSR


I just wanted to share this information because I’ve lost much time before before the penny has dropped: if you want to use Linqstat to create your own FSR sensors you need to use several layers to gain a useful resistance range. I’ve been thinking the opposite. I thought that it was too much resistive and therefore couldn’t get any useful results.

I have just tried a sensor with a surface of roughly 2 cm2 and 8 layers of 0.1mm Linqstat and it’s promising. The layers of Linqstat have not been glued but sandwiched between copper tape and tied externally with basic adhesive tape (scotch). Currently I am using a simple pull-off resistor but it must have quite a high value (some hundreths ohms) so I’ll try this setup with a bridged differential amp. This kind of amplification might even allow to use less layers.

Also for those in Europe who do not want to go Linqstat (one must buy a 46m roll) or Velostat (even more expensive when not in North America), Carbostat might be worth trying. It has more resistance (10E4 to 10E5 rather than < 500 ohms) but it’s available as bags in smaller quantities, for instance here: