advice needed building POE system between multiple arduinos

I'm working on a large instillation project with multiple arduinos involved. One of them, an arduino with POE will actually be communicating to the command center. The others, however, I was thinking of running cat5 to and having a POE splitter to power them with (v. buying a POE arduino for all of them). What Im hoping to accomplish is remote restart or shut off of the 'nodes' from the control room. does anyone have any similar experience? Am I crazy?

Am I crazy?

Not crazy but it’s quite an expensive way to provide just power to the Arduinos. Do you already have an existing cat5 cabling to all Arduino locations? Why are you considering PoE when you don’t need the Ethernet but just the power side? A simple two wire connection is much cheaper and easier to support. Did I miss something from your setup?

The space is being built up from a clear span warehouse; so wiring 2 wires or cat5 should be about the same difficulty. Also, I was thinking that in the future when future exhibits are put in they need ethernet connect-ability it'd already be in place.