advice needed for chosing a display for an embedded project

For a multi-node CANbus project described elsewhere in the forum I will be needing a small graphic display and I’m having trouble choosing one. The requirements are these:

size: about 2" diagonal; no less than 1.8" nor more than app. 2.7"
interface: serial (SPI or other)
resolution: at least 128 x 160, but higher resolution preferable
color preferred but monochrome would be OK
highest contrast possible
DAYLIGHT (or at least “outdoors”) READABLE! (bright sun readable would be nice, but I’m unlikely to get that).

In some ways an e-paper screen would be ideal, but the memory requirement pretty much rules that out. I have wondered whether one couldn’t use an SPI FRAM chip to get a dynamic-enough refresh, but no one is producing an e-paper board with FRAM on board and I don’t think I want to tackle another development project at the moment. There is a line of e-paper boards that have their own graphics MCU, but using those would mean dealing with a third programming environment (I already have to contend with Arduino’s C++ and Roboteq’s Roborun IDE and MicroBasic).

So leaving aside e-paper for the moment, what would you suggest for a small daylight-readable, serial-interface graphics display?


I'm having a lot of fun with the ST3775R from SainSmart. It's a 1.8 Color TFT, readable outdoors. See the project at Arduino Your Home & Environment: SainSmart 1.8 LCD / DHT-22 Temp / Humidity

Thanks. I saw your form post about this project earlier today, but had seen nothing there or on Sainsmart's pages that said that this screen is daylight readable. BTW, I think you're missing one digit in the controller chip name.