Advice needed for DF-Bluetooth V3 connection for a car OBDII scantool prototype

Hi all,

I'm building a prototype hardware interface that will extract data from a car's engine control unit, store it, process it and then transmit it to a remote device via bluetooth. Currently, I've got the basics of most of the prototype working except for the bluetooth module.

I recently bought the DF-Bluetooth V3 module. While I have managed to pair my laptop with the bluetooth module, I can't establish a connection between them. In fact, the option to connect isn't even available in the Devices folder of my Windows-OS laptop. The microcontroller that I am using is the ATmega328P. I've attempted the connection when the ATmega328P was sitting in the Arduino Uno and when it was used on a breadboard (with the required crystal, capacitors, GND and VCC properly supplied) but both methods failed.

Car anyone who has experience with Bluetooth kindly advise on how to establish the Bluetooth connection please? :slight_smile:
Thank you.

In case it's needed:
Bluetooth Module URL - DF-BluetoothV3_Bluetooth_module__SKU_TEL0026_-DFRobot
Datasheet URL -