Advice needed for game controller

Hi there,

I've purchased an Atmega32u4
I have some potentiometers that I stole from Joysticks in preparation to make a cockpit for Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (PC)

I have used a Joystick board for my yoke, and started making pedals for the rudder. I would like to make my cockpit usable for Light aircraft (Cessna 172 and Maule Orion) and then further it for passenger jets in the future. (with being able to easily swap between the too)

I am totally new to Arduino and would like to know if I can use the Atmega32u4 for a game controller. I have very little funds available and would like to do this cheap but effective. Should I rather use the Atmega32u4 for buttons and switches, and buy another device to control potentiometers?

The essentials below are just for the second leg of my project.(Throttle, RPM, Mixture, Lights, Trimming, Rudder, Breaks

10 Switches
6 Potentiometers
4 Buttons

and I'm looking for something like a potentiometer but has no limit for example a radio knob

I am hoping someone would help me work through this project as I have no experience in Arduino. I have experience with basic electronics.

If not just some pointing in the right direction would be great.

Thanks for your time.