Advice needed on LCD shield and Ethernet shield


I'm doing a project whereby i have an arduino mega 2560 with LCD shield and connected to a pressure sensor. I'm planning to add an arduino ethernet rev3 shield so I can transmit the data to the internet.

Went research and found out that the 2 of the pins that the arduino LCD shield uses are the same as the pins the ethernet shield is using. If I'm not wrong the pins are D4 and pin 10.

Are there any ways to change the pins of the LCD shield?
What are the possible solutions which i can use the LCD shield with the ethernet shield together on the arduino mega 2560?

Sometimes a shield isn’t the smarter solution. simple board connected with wire are more flexible…

Agree. But the project was passed down from previous student ( arduino mega, lcd shield, sensor, motors).

What is the easiest way to send the sensor data to the internet without modification of the existing code?
The objective of the project also requires updating values from the website to control the motors.

I didnt common pin here. Please share the shield detail you are using.If you want to use LCD sheild just configure for the other pin externally.

Please find the links below for the LCD shield and Ethernet shield.
Any advice on which Ethernet shield is better? The one using W5100 or W5200?

Arduino LCD Keypad Shield

Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev3 WITH PoE Module

Ethernet Shield for Arduino - W5200

Its better to design your own lcd keypad shield & then stack your Ethernet shield.

If you want to use above you might need to add lcd shield externally