advice needed


I am looking to create a simple blinking pattern of 10 LEDs from a single Arduino Uno board. I need to create programming that allows for each one to blink every 10 seconds, but in sequence (so none ever blink at the same time). Essentially, trying to create a rotation motif using LEDs.

Also, I need some advice with wiring and LEDs...I have the connector cables for the Arduino output, but how can I affix these (safely) to my LEDs.

Images or descriptions would be excellent.

Thanks for any advice - novice Arduino user here!

Hi JoranDavidson.

This is very basic stuff. Go get the blink sketch and play around with that. Also get yourself a breadboard and a set of jumperwires. This is the stuff that is in a starterkit. That has answered your questions already.

Arduino is about learning and fun (or the other way around). Because of that, you'll have to figure out some stuff yourself and i'm out on a limb already by answering your question. One final advice: Don't keep staring at your end goal. Take it step by step, divide your "problem" in smaller problems to solve. Blink is free. Double blink is for you to figure out. Once you've done that ten is easy and will be fun too.

Next assignment: make them fade instead of flash ;).

10 output pins of the Arduino to 10 leds. Every led needs a resistor.

If you are not sure what to do, upload your sketch and a photo of your wiring and leds. We are here to help.

There’s a great website called fritzing that has lots of examples, and includes code along with diagrams of how the electronic components should be arranged. Here’s one doing something similar to what you’re looking for: