Advice on a book

Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I have a question about a book I'm planning on ordering.

When browsing the interwebs I got pretty exited about Arduino and using it for a project of mine, I'll explain later. However I'm not an experienced electronic hobyist, by far. So I planned on reading up on the subject before buying all kinds of stuff that I won't need / can't use anyway. Since I'm behind a screen for around 10hrs a day I'm kinda leaning towards getting an old fashioned book, for reading while going to work, on weekends etc.

Now I've looked around for some books and other than 'Getting Started with Arduino' I haven't found that many that I liked, except this one: 'Programming Interactivity' by Joshua Noble. Now I was wondering if anyone here has read this book and what their opinion on it is

I think it might cover programming a bit much since I 'should' be capable of that, and that it might not cover basic electronics enough for me to really get started. I'll probably read the 'Getting started' book as well later..

The project I'd like to do is connecting a complete car-cluster to the computer for simulation purposes. I already have a cluster (BMW M3) which uses several air-cores for driving the needles and of course contains a bunch of lights. I've been reading data sheets of IC's that can be used with air-cores and about the Arduino motor-shield, but so far it's pretty much above what I can handle right now.

I know that there are a lot of tutorials, so many in fact that I don't know where to look anymore. Therefore I'd like to just start with a book and take it from there.

If you've read another book that you think might be more suitable, please let me know :)

A nice free starter Check also the tutorials to get an impression

wow thanks, I haven't seen that beginners guide before, seems very complete! Guess I have something to read now :)

I have printed over 300 pages of links trying to learn, so far its the best. I have the Getting Started With Arduino book, and it is very very helpful for learning the absolute basics, but thats as far as it goes. I also have the 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil genius book, it's OK, but for a total beginner, it lacks a lot of explanation as to WHY it does what it does on many projects.

For actual electronics, the best book I have found is MAKE: Electronics by Charles Platt. Extremely hands on and covers a very wide range of things.