Advice on a cheap travel laptop for use with Arduino?

I'm looking for some advice on what laptop to buy to use with Arduino when I'm travelling. I have a mac for home so all I'm looking for is something to run Arduino on when I go away.
I want something under 300 euros and I'm happy to get refurbished or second hand but I'm overwhelmed by options.
Does anyone have something like this they'd recommend?
Thank you!

What operating system do you want?

Obviously Windows works with Arduinos with no problem.

I don't know about Chromebooks.

Linux also works great and is closer to MAC OS than is Windows - but you can't buy a cheap laptop with Linux. You would have to convert a Windows laptop. Puppy Linux works great on older hardware, and can run from a USB stick.

Having said all that anything made in the last 10 years with a working USB connection should be capable of supporting the Arduino IDE. My only suggestion would be to get a machine with 2 (or preferrably 3) USB ports.

Beware that a used laptop may have a dud battery and the batteries may be expensive.

I am typing this on a HP Stream X360 2 in 1 laptop that sells for £190. I have installed Linux Mint on it and I use it for all my Arduino programming.


Acer netbooks are decent and cheap. You can even use your phone or tablet, I use this IDE on mine

Raspberry pi perhaps, so long as you can find an HDMI screen where you’re travelling to. Very small and easy to carry, works very well to program arduino (better to install the laest arduino IDE from arduino’s own site rather than use the very old one in raspbian’s repositories though). A pi is good for lightweight browsing, and can play some media so long as you are careful about choice of format, but it can’t run the usual x86 windows or linux programs and is too slow for any kind of heavy work (too weak a CPU to do any CAD stuff in blender and no other CAD programs available in non-x86 format). Price about £30.

Raspberry pi perhaps, so long as you can find an HDMI screen where you're travelling to.

And a keyboard. And a power supply?