Advice on appropriate Arduino and system to use for a sensor project

I am new to the Arduino. I am in the process of building a sensor based measuring instrument that needs to connect through BlueTooth. The input is analog from a transimpedance amplifier. After a minimal amount of mathematical transformation calculations the output is sent through BlueTooth to Bluetooth enabled device/s. The reader itself will use a keyboard and display for input and output purposes. Also would like to be able to store a series of results.

I want to be able to write the transformation, display and communications code in a standard language such as c or basic.

Can you provide advice and assistance in putting together an appropriate system. What are the potential gothcha’s for doing this type of project utilizing the Arduino and BlueTooth.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!


I suspect any Arduino would be suitable. The Uno is the best starter board because most software and most add-ons work with it.

All of the Arduinos have an ADC that can measure voltages between 0 and 5v. Is that suitable for reading the analog output from your amplifier? How often is it necessary to take measurements.

The simplest Bluetooth module is the HC05 (or HC06 which is slave only) but AFAIK they cannot connect with Apple phones so you might need a different module.


Sound advice. Project sounds a little aggressive for a 'beginner'. Perhaps some detail on your level, and areas, of experience would help in further advice.

The input voltages are fine and the readings are user initiated. I am an electrical engineer, however I am somewhat rusty with the newer technologies available. I am trying to overcome this knowledge gap through learning from others experience. Before posting I spent a significant amount of time researching on the Arduino site. It left me with information overload hence the posting for help and advice.

I have built a similar system utilizing a 6303 based micro controller system with built in language and operating system. It also had a keyboard and display. So you see I am dating myself LOL.

I think most on the forum would suggest familiarization with an Arduino board (usually the UNO) through the basic tutorials. Really simple stuff, but gives good insight into how the board works and what the uc is capable of. Good luck and have fun.

You would be surprised to know how many of us are Ooooold geezers.

Thanks, that is good advice, I will order one right away.