Advice on bluetooth project and if I need to fill in the rabbit hole

This all started when I wanted to 3D Print my wife a BT speaker in her favorite color. I know million times before right...

So yes I wanted to change it up a bit something more....

I guess this is where the rabbit hole begins... LVL 1

Instead of just a box two speakers and BT. I was planning it thru and saw a picture and said yep it would be nice to do one in him....

Yes that is my 3D design for printing. I never really thought it would sound spectacular but it would get the job done.

Side note I am retired mechanical engineer that is trying to learn coding and electrical at the same time with what was suppose to be simple projects. I know stick to simple and get the job done. I did say learning so this whole project is getting me past just a blinking led on a bread board. I am learning and researching along the way.

I also thought somebody else might want something like this so I continued....

To think..LVL 2

Instead of just a BT module inside his head. Some speakers one in his head and of course one in the mega phone ...on off switch and was going to use a 5v power supply from a old charger. Since I have lights on his head lets make them flash.

Now the parts list includes a BT module, arduino, some LEDS and the power supply.

But....LVL 3

Since I now have a arduino lets do something like make the LEDS flash with the music.

Now including a sound sensor.

I would guess you could call this ...LVL 4

Those LEDS in his “lights” will not be bright enough for you to see. So now including a set of 8 RGB LED strips for more splash. One can show thru his goggles since I left a gap there for the sound to come out and one hidden behind the center piece in the mega phone.

LED strips

Quickly to....LVL 5

Ok so this sitting on your desk you don't want the lights flashing all the time. So a button added to change the mode of the, on disco, and mood lighting? So not in a office but a room like a bedroom? MORE on this later....


On to ...LVL 6

BUT.....I have lights and sound now. Why would I deny the little guy being able to be himself. Yep lights flashing and him BeeDo...BeeDo. Now comes my first problem....button to activate...maybe a second one? A Mp3 player with the sound file on it to be able to play BeeDo.

Yes my first glitch in the project...Search high and low cant find a SD card on a BT module, because how are you going to tell the device you are connected too play a certain file from somewhere. I have some Dfmini players left over from another project. Hate it when you have to order five and need one.

I thought and you cant connect two outputs to a set of speakers. Problem..but my solution is to use two relays to change the output to the speakers. NC would be BT. Arduino activated to NO side for the Dfmini player. Not the best because now its not going to be two channels to the speakers...a left and a right. I could not find another way to solve that problem and it would work..I think? Advice starts here...

Dfmini player, two 5v relays

And ...LVL 7

In the other project I am using a Time Of Flight to trigger mp3s there. So why not another set of mp3s of sayings triggered by one. Like “banana and a laugh” or “sing the banana song” or “ a fart and a laugh”. You get the picture. Now you don't want that on all the time so you would set a, for the lack of a better word, mode he would be in? Advice....

TOF sensor , button for mode?

Now...LVL 8

Ok back to bedroom... If he isn't in a office and or sitting on a shelf somewhere then he just might end up in a bedroom. Well if he is on the night stand its going to be crowded. So we might already have a BT speaker, can be replaced....Phone on a charger, I haven't even given that much thought....And the ever so popular alarm clock.....Ok keep it simple right 4 digit 7 segment display. Not so bright and has that clasic look. So I am working on a design of a axe for him to lean on with his right hand and put the display in the head of it. Didn't want to cut into him and ruin some of the look. Then you could put up numbers or letters telling you what “modes” he is in? Buttons oh boy don't know how many buttons that will take? Advice...

7 segment display, buttons

Ah....LVL 9+

In doing my reasearch I found a lot of alarm clocks. It seems the trend is to put LCDs in them and add all kinds of information on them. Time Date temperature humidity and on and on..... I think I will stop at 7. Advice again should I go the extra mile to make it lvl 9+ or let it be. I have gotten a lot of grief on other projects since I didn't “finish them”.

Long winded I know but I am trying to put all the information out there for the best response..

Thank you for your time...

That's called writing specifications and making decisions :wink:

useful questions:

  • what's my audience expectation
  • what's the primary function

Once you have that covered:

  • will it be useful if I add X
  • will X be used
  • what are the consequences of adding X

and overall, Real Artists Ship

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