Advice on creating a lookup table.

I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction with a bit of code I’m about to start.

I’m looking at creating a lookup table to return a string depending on the value of 2 ranges of values.

This is a simplifed version of the table:

                  <-1.33                   -1.33 to -0.33             0 and above
>1022.69             Cloudy, Warmer             Fair                   Continued fair
1009.14 to 1022.69       Precipitation likely       Little change             No change       
<1009.14                  Storm                   Rain                   Clearing, cooler

I imagine an 2D array would be able to be used, but I was wondering if there is a “good” way of going about it!

Thanks in advance, Easty

One way to make a lookup table. I would concider using PROGMEM though.

<-1.33 -1.33 to -0.33 0 and above

1022.69 Cloudy, Warmer Fair Continued fair
1009.14 to 1022.69 Precipitation likely Little change No change
<1009.14 Storm Rain Clearing, cooler

byte xIndex = 0;
byte yIndex = 0;

//define and initialize the lookup table
//concider PROGMEM / FLASH Library
const char* lookupTable[3][3] = {
{“Cloudy, Warmer”, “Fair”, “Continued fair”},
{“Precipitation likely”, “Little change”, “No change”},
{“Storm”, “Rain”, “Clearing, cooler”}

void setup(){
for (yIndex=0; yIndex<3; yIndex++){
for (xIndex=0; xIndex<3; xIndex++){

void loop(){

Sorry for the delay, thanks for the advice, it works like a charm!