Advice on fixing a circuit for a current monitor

Hello All,

I am currently working on a team that is using the Arduino to read in measurements of current and voltage from a small solar cell. We are currently in the testing phase, and using an Arduino Uno board. Below is the circuit and schematic we came to a consensus of implementing that met our specifications. Right now, my biggest question is how to wire the components to the right inputs on the op-amp to the correct outputs for the Arduino. We plan on having a load connected to have the Arduino capable of reading the current across the circuit.

I am currently a novice, as this is my first time designing a circuit for a specific application so any input would much appreciated. Thanks!

The ADC on the Arduino is best suited for input impedances of 10K ohms or less, so you should reduce the resistance in the voltage divider for A0 substantially.

What values do you suggest we change them to?

10K and 20K would work.

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