Advice on Hardware for Self-Balancing Robot

Hi guys,

Im currently planning on building a two wheeled self-balancing robot using Arduino with maybe Bluetooth control. Im starting from scratch so need to decide on what components I need to get. I am just a beginner so want to make sure I get everything I need in order to build the robot I have list of the basics I need to buy: Arduino Uno, XBee module, wheels(x2), motor driver, batteries, encoder, h-bridges, imu sensors.

If anyone has any experience/knowedge in building this robot, can you please let me jbow if ive missed anything off the hardware? Anything I need to add/take off?

You've listed the main components (except the chassis, of course) but I suggest you read up on other people's balance bot projects for inspiration and to confirm you're on the right track.

Thanks a lot.

A quick question, do I need motor shield?

You will need a motor driver - that might be a shield, or a separate board.