Advice on isolating vibrating motors

Hey guys,

I am making a project on bike grips that could vibrate to indicate when to turn left or right.
To vibrate, I am using two vibrating motors (like this : Vibration Motor - ROB-08449 - SparkFun Electronics) to make the whole grip vibrate.

What I want is that the user can distinguish which grip is vibrating (left or right).

The problem I am facing right now is that I made tests with 3d printing and as the motors are stuck on the grip and the handlebar, it makes the whole thing vibrate as it propagates through metal and stuff.
In the final version, the grip will be in rubber/silicone and I have to isolate the motors to prevent the whole handlebar to vibrate and to transmit only the vibration to the hand.

In attachment, it’s what I thought about but I don’t know if it’s going to work.

What are your advices?

If you have questions, let me know.

(Attachment 1) This is an image to show the basic shape of it.

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It sounds like you need to drop the mount of vibration down or get smaller motors.
You need to talk to a mechanical/robot forum rather than a microcontroller forum.

As a thought, why not make one motor vibrate in one direction and the other in a direction at 90Deg.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Please include the images directly in the post

It’d be a good idea if you also include instructions for first time posters, as you no doubt know it’s not trivial to do on this forum. It too me a couple hundred posts before I figured that one out.

OP’s images:

It seems this question has nothing to do with Arduinos as such, though. It’s more of a mechanical issue.

Please include the images directly in the post

I can't include them directly, it's asking me for an url and my images are not hosted online.

Thanks for your quick answers,

@TomGeorge You are probably right, do you know a such forum?